Our mission is to help you see the elegance, the beauty and value of building with architectural and structural precast concrete building systems. Our promise to you is a unique building design with sustaining performance, a truly memorable and meaningful place in which to live, work and play.

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More Than a Building

What did you want to be when you grew up? We believe the built environment is more than buildings. The built environment is about dreams and a better world to come.

Meet Molly and Scott

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  • Acoustical Advantages of Precast Concrete

    The purpose of architectural acoustics is to create an environment where sounds are clearly heard by the intended listener and noise is isolated or absorbed. These are two ways of dealing with sound levels: sound insulation and sound absorption.
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  • Rain Barriers and Rain Screens

    In buildings, water has the unfortunate habit of getting where building owners don’t want it to go. And once inside a building it has the potential to do significant damage.
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  • A Plank By Any Other Name

    …is not the same! Well, ok, it is. Kinda. When looking at precast hollow core concrete, you can run across quite a few product/brand/trade names. Elematic, Flexicore, Spancrete, Ultra-Span, Dynaspan, etc….
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